S. Kirk and Sons Sterling Repousse Flatware - Lot #: 314A

Two piece carving set, Two large meat forks, one large serving spoon, one large pie server, one large dressing spoon, Tomato server (heavily monogrammed), two vegetable servers, one small ladle, master butter, eight dinner forks, twelve luncheon forks, eight dinner knives, 9 3/4 L 12 luncheon knives, 8 1/2 L, two steak knives, eight iced tea spoons, 12 teaspoons, 12 cream soups, 12 salad forks, ten demi spoons, eight small cream spoons, one large vegetable fork, 12 flat butters, 12 dessert forks, one small spoon, eight shrimp forks, one baby spoon. Approx. 165 ozt
Condition: Fine, some pieces are monogrammed, mostly backs of spoons. Approx. 151 pieces, approx. 165 ozt
Estimate: $2,500 - $3,500