Outstanding Folk Art Mechanical Toy - Lot #: 217

hand carved and painted in original polychrome and varnish finish, untouched. This toy has a carved wooden figure of a man with board in right hand and jointed arms and a dog house in which is the carved and painted figure of a open mouthed running dog. when the lever along right side is pulled the dog comes out of the house in attach mode with mouth opening and closing and the man raises his arms with stick in it. Circa 1900-20. There are a series of brass pins set along right side of the inside of the house and when dog moves forward a noise maker is engaged by these pins in imitation of the dogs bark; 6.25 wide x 31.25" long x 9.5" high.
Condition: The string which operated the mans arms and dogs mouth has broken and so it is in need of restringing, else Excellent.
Estimate: $800 - $1200