Signed Noah North American Folk Art Portrait Woman in - Lot #: 157

dated 1833, half length seated portrait of a 30 something lady in black dress trimmed in lace and wearing a nice lace bonnet, 24 x 27.5", in newer gilt frame, 25.75 x 29.25" high. Reverse of canvas with period red painted inscription reading "No. 18 By N. North, Mrs. Sally S/Garge Age 39 years 1833" The artists work is discussed and illustrated in "American Folk Painting" by Mary Black, 1966, pg 73. Noah North (1809-1880) was Born in Alexander, New York, Noah North was a itinerant portraitist whose art career appears to only span the 1830's in the areas of Alexander, Holley, & Rochester, New York. He also journeyed into Ohio where several of his portraits have turned up of locals from that area. He may also have traveled as far as Cincinnati and Kentucky. No signed portraits from Noah North have yet been identified from the 1840s. One notable feature of his female portraits is the detail he took in painting their lace bonnets. A portrait remarkable similar to this one is illustrated in Barbara W. Sarudy's blog on this artist. EXCELLENT CONDITION, NO INPAINTING!
Condition: Excellent condition. NO INPAINTING!!!
Estimate: $2000 - $3000