Elijah Pierce Folk Art Carving Plus - Lot #: 100

Lot of two including a relief carved and polychrome painted folk art carving of a Saint with hawk and sheep, signed "E. Pierce on back. African American Columbus, Ohio folk art carver circa 1930's, 5.75" x 5.5" high; and an 18th century cut-out back plate of a hanging box with original polychrome painted portrait of a gentleman with geometric surround, 7.5" high. Elijah Pierce (1892-1948) was born the youngest son of a former slave on a Mississippi farm in 1892. He began carving at an early age when his father gave him his first pocketknife. By age seven, Elijah Pierce began carving little wooden farm animals. As a child, Pierce loved to go out into the woods by the creek bank with his dog to fish and to whittle animals or other small figurines from wood scraps hed find on the forest floor. He left the south and married a gal from Columbus, Ohio where he worked as a barber.
Condition: 1st Fine; 2nd fragment.
Estimate: $200 - $400